Pickup - Kent Armstrong, Icon Vintage 57 (Alnico 2), Bridge

Kent is one of the foremost pickup designers in the industry, and years of listening to what the customer wanted to hear has culminated in the esteemed Kent Armstrong pickups. With his pickups, Kent has one goal in mind: to give every player their dream sound.

Faithfully recreated from the famous 1957 Patent Applied For design humbucking pickup with the same plain enamel 42 AWG wire and Alnico 2 magnets for the warmth and singing tone the originals are known for. Proper 49.2mm pole piece spacing, braided wire with no tap and maple spacers.

For the first time you can get a true calibrated set for neck and bridge position but the options don't stop there. Because these are sold individually, you can use two bridge pickups for a hotter set, or two neck positions for a little less output and adjust the output in the mounting rings just like they did in the old days!

Don't be the last guy on the block to get the best pickups out there at the most reasonable price available!

See for P-PUK1418 for the corresponding Neck pickup.

Product Measurements
D.C. Resistance (Re) : 7.8 kΩ
Inductance : 5.63 H
Item Height : 0.766 in.
Item Length : 3.512 in.
Item Width : 1.766 in.
Lead Type : Vintage Braid single core
Magnet Type : Alnico 2
Mounting Hole Center to Center A : 3.15 in.
Mounting Hole Center to Center B : 1.4 in.
Pickup Cover Material : Plated Brass
Pole Piece Spacing : 49.2 mm
Wire Type : Plain Enamel
Product Measurements
Packaging Dimensions : 4.787 in. × 2.535 in. × 2.069 in.
Weight (Packaging) : 0.479 lbs.
販売価格 19,008円(税1,728円)
型番 P-PUK1316








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